Lisa has over 25 years experience in Paediatrics, and has worked in both Australia & the United States in a variety of settings.

Lisa graduated from Sydney University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Occupational Therapy with Distinction. She worked initially in Community Health and then in the early 90’s travelled to the United States and worked primarily in the school system. Upon returning home in 1994, Lisa established Occupational Therapy Helping Children. Starting as a sole practitioner, the business quickly grew and Lisa decided to meet the demand, establishing extra clinics and employing more staff. Concurrent to this Lisa also established a school service.

Lisa believes that every child should have access to the best quality therapy possible. Lisa is certified to administer both The Southern Californian Sensory Integration Test (SCSIT) and Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT) both developed by Jean Ayres.

Lisa has attended many seminars over the last 25 years and has also presented many professional papers. In recent years, Lisa particularly focused on attending courses on Intervention Strategies for children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Lisa attended an Introductory DIR/Floortime Introductory Training Course and also the Wilbargers, Sensory Defensiveness Course focusing on the brushing program. Lisa has also completed the More Course, The Alert Program and is trained in the SOS approach to feeding.

High quality care and a wholistic approach underpin the values of Occupational Therapy Helping Children

Lisa is passionate about being able to provide the best possible care for her clients and their families. Coming from an Occupational Therapy perspective Lisa believes in looking at her clients as a whole…addressing their role at home, school and at play. Lisa looks to her staff to provide high quality intervention at all times.

Loving being a Mum and a professional means Lisa can relate to her clients and their needs

Outside of work, Lisa loves to spend time with her teenage daughter Savannah. As a mum Lisa is able to relate to many of the experiences that our parents face on an everyday basis.