Thriving Kids Squad

Thriving Kids Squad

Thriving Kids Squad is an early intervention group run jointly by Occupational Therapy Helping Children and Lindfield Speech Pathology.

Squad Program Details

Suitable For: 3-5 years old
Location: Pymble Clinic
Cost: $170 per session ($1,190 for 7 sessions)
When: 9-11am Wednesdays, Oct 17 – Nov 28 2018

The program will be addressing the areas of fine and gross motor development, coping skills, regulation and attention. It will also target socialisation, and language development through activities that encourage thinking, laughing and learning together.

School Readiness Skills Development:

  • Fun with fine motor
  • Listening / following directions
  • Phonological awareness
  • Turn taking and sharing
  • Group interacting
  • Transitions
  • Concentration

Sensory Regulation / Sensorimotor Skill Development:

  • Gross motor regulation play
  • Problem solving
  • Coping skills
  • How Does Your Engine Run?

Social Play & Communication Skill Development:

  • Playing WITH peers
  • Imaginary pretend play
  • Social thinking skills
  • Expressive vocabulary
  • Early language and concepts

The goals of the group will target children’s school readiness skills, sensory regulation development, and social play & communication skills.

The group programme will be flexible to ensure that the needs of all participants are met. Our goal is to not only help your child develop skills, but help them believe they can accomplish their goals.