website_georgie“Who doesn’t love the curious, honest and playfulness from such innocent creations.
Seeing them smiling and feeling proud of themselves, knowing that I am contributing
to that is the most rewarding.”

Whilst working as a sailing, tennis and dance instructor during her University years, Georgie ignited her passion for working with children. Georgie graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2010 and has experience from various paediatric practices throughout the Sydney metropolitan area working within preschool, school and clinic environments.

In 2012, Georgie moved to France to work on Superyachts travelling throughout the world but her passion for working with children within an Occupational Therapy framework kept calling and Georgie returned to Australia to work with children aged between three and 17 years of age. Georgie particularly enjoys working with children on the autism spectrum, those with handwriting difficulties and any child who has learning delays. Georgie values working collaboratively with the child, parents, teachers and health professionals to achieve the best outcomes.

In her spare time Georgie likes to chef on yachts in Sydney Harbour and enjoys hiking, camping, surfing, and sailing – anything associated with water and the outdoors!