Occupational Therapy Helping Children is a private practice that operates on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches. It was one of the first Paediatric Private practices set up in Sydney and has been operating continuously since 1994.

We have a proven track record of our services and the outcomes our clients have achieved as they have reached adulthood. Our success stories include a Paralympian who placed 10th in the Olympics last year at just 14 years of age, an Australian chess champion, and an outstanding hymnodist just to name a few. However, our passion continues to support families and children within the local community.

Lisa Hughes heads the team of Occupational Therapists working at our Balgowlah and Pymble clinics, as well as schools on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. All our therapists hold university degrees in Occupational Therapy and we are approved service providers through FaHSCIA for the Helping Children with Autism and Better Start for Children with Disabilities packages.

Lisa is a highly respected, conscientious, well organised, energetic, and passionate OT and her staff share in the same qualities. The OTHC staff all have a wealth of experience in different areas of paediatrics. Lisa will personally talk to you about your child’s needs and will then see your child herself, or refer you to the OT who will best meet your child’s needs.

The OTHC staff all have funding provided annually to ensure they keep their skills up to date and are able to offer the latest information and techniques to their clients.

Our team works well together in the clinic and everyone benefits from the support of their colleagues and the supervision they each receive from Lisa.

As Occupational Therapists, we are committed to working alongside every child and their family to ensure that their milestones are reached with confidence and skill.